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Maharashtra Board 10th Result 2023 will be released by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. 25th April 2023. For a brief summary of the Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2023 and advice for candidates who sat the examinations between March 2 and March 25, read this page.

Candidates must get the minimal qualifying marks in each subject in order to pass Class 10 according to board requirements. When the results are evaluated and posted on the website, candidates can access the SSC Result 2023 Link provided below to view their marks.

The board typically needs three to four weeks to produce the findings. The MSBSHSE Class 10 Results for the year 2023 will be made available after the last assessment. You must receive a provisional mark sheet from the official website once the results are announced and use it to gain admission to a higher education program. After the results are announced, it is critical to immediately download the grade report.

The 2023 Maharashtra Board SSC results

It is well known that the MSBSHSE Board is in charge of conducting a variety of tests, with the 10th Class Exams being one of the most important. In this page, Class 10 students presently registered with the Maharashtra Board will discover succinct information on their test results.

The Board conducted the Written Exams for disciplines such Science, English, Mathematics, Social Science, and Language offline from March 2 through March 25, 2023. In numerous schools throughout the State that served as Exam Centers, students took their exams after having received the necessary instruction.

Students are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2023 once the exams are over. Before it is made available on the official result portal at, the finalization process could take up to 2-3 weeks. You will need to enter your roll number and mother’s name in order to get the result on this platform.


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Roll-by-Roll Maharashtra Board SSC Results for 2023

It was determined by the students’ roll numbers or registration numbers which board test they took. According to their roll number, the results of individuals who passed the MAHARASHTRA Exam 2023 will be made public.

Date of the SSC Result 2023

If you took the SSC Exams in 2022–2023 via the MSBSHSE Board, it is advised that you read the section above for a synopsis of the outcomes. According to our sources and historical trends, the SSC Result 2023 is anticipated to be released by the third week of April 2023 or early. If you pass these examinations, you’ll be able to keep your current year.

2023 Maharashtra Board 10th Grade Results

  1. From March 2 through March 25 in 2023, almost 1.7 million pupils sat the Maha Board SSC examinations.
  2. These applicants prepared well for the tests in accordance with the Maha Board’s given curriculum.
  3. Students are now anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Maha Board SSC Result 2023 to learn their grades.
  4. Candidates must provide essential information like their roll number and mother’s name in order to see their scores on the SSC Result 2023 page.

How to Check the 2023 Maharashtra Board 10th Result

  1. In April 2023, will announce the 2023 MSBSHSE Class 10th Result.
  2. By clicking on the links given and inputting your Roll Number and Mother’s Name, you may get your result.
  3. After the results are announced, you will be given a provisional marksheet that you may use to forward your admissions application.
  4. Students may take additional exams to salvage their academic year in the event that they fail any subject.

Maharashtra Board 10th Grade Scorecard for 2023

  1. The SSC HSC Result 2023 Link requires essential information like the roll number and mother name in order to verify the results.
  2. After the results are announced, obtain the Marks Statement and compare your subject-by-subject marks.
  3. You may also look for the pass rate in the Maha Board 10th and 12th Result 2023.

Download the marksheet for the 2023 Maharashtra Board 10th Class Results.

Candidates can obtain their MSBSHSE 10th Marksheet 2023 and use it to apply for admission to higher education after the results are announced. Verifying the important information listed on the marksheet is key.

Information provided about the 2023 Maharashtra Board SSC Result

  1. Board name
  2. Examination Name
  3. Name of the student
  4. Father’s name
  5. Mother’s name
  6. The birthdate
  7. Name of school
  8. Roll number
  9. Theory exam scores
  10. Practical exam scores
  11. Grade
  12. Pass/Fail result status

Revolutionary Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2023

Students have the ability to request a re-evaluation of their answer sheets using an online approach if they are dissatisfied with their Maharashtra SSC result for the year 2023. Additionally, the fee for Maha 10th confirmation and rechecking enrollment must be paid. Candidates may obtain the nomination form for re-evaluation on the official website after the Maharashtra SSC result 2023 is released.

How can I see the 2023 Maharashtra Board SSC Results?

The sole way to check the Maharashtra 10th grade result in 2023 is online at the official website. To see the Maha SSC result 2022 mentioned below, follow the instructions below:

  1. To view the result webpage, click on the direct link.
  2. Click the link for the 2023 Maharashtra Board SSC results.
  3. Fill up the Maharashtra 10th result box with the roll number and mother’s first name.
  4. Select “View Results”
  5. The credentials entered will show up on the screen along with the MAH SSC result 2023.
  6. Download .

What follows the announcement of the Maharashtra Board SSC Result 2023?

The 2023 Maharashtra Board SSC Result is a significant turning point in a student’s academic career. The stream or sector in which you will pursue a further education will be decided by the student after the announcement of the Maharashtra 10th Result 2023.

Students must submit their authentic mark sheets and certificates from the Maharashtra 10th Result 2023 in order to enroll in junior college. Students are recommended to visit schools to acquire each original test mark sheet and other documentation needed for the admissions process after the results were released online.

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