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By | September 14, 2022

How to Become a Shein Tester In 2022 Career Scope Eligibility

When you want the hottest trends fresh off the runway, you don’t have to get there—just shop at affordable fast fashion brand Shein. So it’s no surprise that Shein is now one of the biggest online fashion companies in the world.

Shein’s prices really can’t be beat and they add thousands of styles to their site daily so there’s always something to browse. And becoming a Shein product tester is one way to indulge in all that fabulous fashion.

Did you know you can get Shein clothing for free? The only requirement is to do a detailed inspection of the item within 10 days of delivery and post it on Shein. The best reviews are marked as “High Quality” and earn additional Shein Points.

Shein is known for taking trendy pieces and looks from top designers and putting their affordable cuts on them.

Just when you thought their prices couldn’t get any lower, you can get their clothes for free if you become a Shein product tester. Find out how to do it, plus everything you need to know to become a Shein product tester.

What is Shein Free Trial?

Shein Free Trial is a product brand trial program. The platform allows customers to try on new clothes for free and review them on the Shein website.

Testers get to keep the clothes for free in exchange for writing a detailed review about all their experiences by elaborating on quality, style, fit, fabric and construction.

Shein created this program to improve their brand through detailed customer feedback and reviews for all customers to see.

How do you sign up for the Shein Free Trial?

All non-blocked accounts are eligible for the Shein Free Trial program. Customers can request free trials up to three times per week, so you’ll have plenty left before you apply.

To select items for a free trial, click on “Free Trial” in the drop-down menu for a specific item. Next, fill in your mailing address and clothing size. Click “Submit” and wait to see if you have been selected.

How are Shein Free Trial winners chosen?

Free trial testers are selected through Shein’s automated system. The system takes into account the activity levels of testers with previous free trials.

The system also assesses whether the customer is a potential buyer, how much they have purchased in the past, and their performance with previous free trials.

Once the winners are selected for the free trial, Shein will process the order and ship it to them for free.

If you don’t receive it within 30 days, contact them at Additionally, please contact the Shein team as soon as possible if there are any quality issues, design flaws, or conflicts with your free trial.

Once you have been selected to receive a free trial item, the item cannot be changed. You cannot cancel it or request an alternative piece.

What is Shein Test Report?

If customers are selected to participate in the Shein Free Trial program, they must send a message containing a review within 10 days of receiving the item.

Once they have the product, they can see the texture, fit and feel for themselves and share their feedback on it, as well as how they felt wearing the garment. Reports are also expected to include commentary on the material, texture and overall quality of the product with a detailed description.

Include the details you wish you knew about the item if you were considering purchasing it. Customers should be sure to include the pros and cons of each item; providing both positive and negative feedback is key. It is also important to be honest in your feedback and share your opinion openly.

Photographs are also required to supplement the report. Make sure you have full-length and close-up shots of your outfit. Shein recommends posting four photos that are in sharp focus, show detail on the subject, and have good taste.

These photos should include a full-body view, close-ups of items, how you styled the piece, and what you liked most about it. Be sure to take your own photos for the free trial report; never post website photos or photos of other customers.

If you use a fake account to request free trial products and get additional free trials, you will also be banned from the program. When people are caught, their orders will be canceled, items will not be shipped, and their accounts will be deleted.

No points will be awarded if the revision report does not meet the requirements. 20 points will be awarded for inspection reports that meet the requirements. The best reviews will be marked as “High Quality” and receive extra Shein points and an additional 100 points.

How does the Shein free trial work?

When browsing items, select an item for a free trial by clicking “Free Trial”. After that, the status will show as “Pending” under My Application.

Once your entry is complete, it will be reviewed by the Shein team and winners will be announced on the main free trial page. If you’ve won, your product status will show as “Approved” and the free product will be shipped to the address you provided.

Once you receive the product, you have 10 days to send an inspection report. Make sure you follow all the instructions for creating and uploading a review. Make sure your review is processed.

Once your review is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Shein team to ensure it meets all of their requirements. If your review doesn’t meet the requirements or doesn’t upload, testers have one more chance to upload it again.

After your review is approved, Shein has the right to use your images, videos and text on the product review page.
Review Requirements

When you confirm delivery of the product, you have 10 days to create and upload your review.

If you do not post a review within 10 days, you will be banned from the Shein Free Trial program.

Reviews must meet the general review guidelines, be thorough, include your personal opinion on the texture, design, fabric, size and all other aspects of the product. User photos (one full body shot and 2 close-up product photos) and videos must be taken by the reviewer and be of good quality.

You normally have to upload a review. Make sure you have all the information collected and ready to publish and that your Wi-Fi connection is stable as you only have 2 attempts to upload a review if you want to get points for it.

Each uploaded review is reviewed by Shein staff. If your review violates any of the review rules, it will be rejected and you will have one more chance to change it and then resubmit it.

5 jobs of SHEIN testers that anyone can do from home

  1. Become a SHEIN Clothing Review Blogger
  2. Complete the SHEIN Clothing Testers Tasks
  3. Become a SHEIN Influencer on Instagram
  4. Pin your favorite SHEIN outfits on Pinterest
  5. Start a YouTube channel for SHEIN clothing lovers


How to become a Nike product tester

If you’re interested in trying out Nike shoes, the brand has a product testing program that you might be interested in.

On a separate website dedicated to product testing, Nike has broken down the application process in a simple way: sign up as a tester, get the green light by being selected to participate, and then you’re eligible to test.

The Swoosh further broke down the program, saying it sends sneakers and other products to approved testers to try out, and after some testing, users submit feedback to Nike online, return the product, and repeat the process.

When the brand relaunches, it has sections for applicants who can apply, grouped by adults (18 or older), minors (13 to 17), and parents applying for their child (12 or younger). .

However, Nike’s product testing program is currently suspended for adults and minors.  However, applications are accepted for parents to submit for their child.

To apply, interested applicants will need to follow the steps below via

  1. If you are applying for a child, the parent must first create a parent profile
  2. Enter your country
  3. Enter your date of birth
  4. Disclose whether or not you are a Nike employee
  5. Please answer if you are now or soon expect to become an NCAA athlete
  6. Enter your email address,  name and create a password
  7. Please indicate your preferred method of communication (email or SMS)
  8. Sign the release and waiver
  9. Enter your gender
  10. Provide contact information
  11. Tell Nike how you found out about the program

Nike was founded in 1964 in Beaverton, Oregon by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight as Blue Ribbon Sports. In its early days, Blue Ribbon Sports was a distributor of the footwear company Onitsuka Tiger, which later became Asics.

In 1971, the company became Nike Inc., the first Nike shoes arrived in 1972, and the company went public in 1980. Over the years, Nike has signed top athletes in their respective sports as ambassadors, a list that includes a golf legend.

How to become a product tester

He is quickly becoming a favorite brand among runners. If you are interested in trying shoes from a Swiss company, there is a program for you.

“As the fastest growing running company in the world, we need more opinions, insights and expertise from passionate runners when it comes to our shoes,” the brand wrote on its product testing homepage. “That’s why we decided to do things a little differently and reach out to real On fans and real runners, giving everyone a chance to be among our new lead testers.”

For a chance to become a product tester, On asks applicants to fill out an application he calls your “Speed ​​​​CV”. (The application can be found here.) He said he’s looking for all types of runners, “not necessarily the fastest ones or those who compete professionally, but all kinds.

The brand’s “Speed ​​​​CV” requires basic information such as first and last name, email and address. More specifically, He will also ask for your shoe size (in US, UK or Euro format), how far you run each week, your running form (heel, forefoot, midfoot or unknown) and your running profile URL .

Once completed, He will confirm that he has received your subscription, that you have been added to his list, and that we will be in touch with you shortly.

Can I keep a free trial item after I submit a review?

Yes, if you’ve been selected for a free trial, you can keep the item after you’ve successfully submitted a product trial review.

Is SHEIN Free Trial Legit?

Yes, it is a completely legitimate program. Follow the rules when participating in this free trial program. Anyone caught requesting free trial products with a fake account to get more clothes will be banned from the program.

How to become a SHEIN tester?

According to SHEIN, all non-blocked accounts can request free trials up to 3 times per week.

Do I have to pay for the SHEIN free trial?

No, All you have to do is write a review within 10 days of receiving your free trial item.

Do I need to return the SHEIN free trial?

No, you don’t have to. If you have submitted a successful product trial review, you can keep the free trial item. If your review is not approved, you can keep the product, but this will affect your eligibility for the next free trial and your chances of being selected. So make sure to submit your review as requested by SHEIN

Why should I participate in the free trial?

  1. First, it’s a great chance to get and enjoy free clothes.
  2. For every approved review, you’ll earn Shein Points. Usually you get 20 points for each review. Shein points are a type of internal currency that can be used to pay part of the price of an order. The exchange rate is 1 point is 0.01 USD. More on Shein’s points. If your review gets a high quality mark, you get 100 points.

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